Based on our findings, some gaps seem to exist between Malaysian talent and employers. Employers ranked reviewing salary and compensation as the top priority to retain talent, however, the biggest motivating factor for talent to look for a new job is the opportunity for career advancement, ahead of compensation factors. What are some of the other gaps that exist between talent and employers? Download the Talent in Asia report to find out more. 

RGF International Recruitment’s Talent in Asia report is part of a series of reports covering hiring trends across 11 Asian countries and markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The data is based on RGF-owned data compiled via a targeted survey completed in March 2020. The survey gathered responses from more than 4,600 employers and candidates across all markets and 10 industry sectors. In addition, a second survey was conducted between April and May 2020 where employers were queried about the impact and direct effects of Covid-19 on their business and sentiment.