We deliver optimal, cross-border recruitment solutions at all levels across industries and functions that transcend national and city boundaries through 3 service brands, to match the characteristics of target market participants, both jobseekers and companies seeking to hire.
Senior Executives

RGF Executive Search

Focuses on senior executives to middle management search in order to fulfil organisational goals, strategic planning development and overall decision making that affects the entire business organization.

Middle Managers & Specialists

RGF Professional Recruitment

Hires of managerial and specialist positions who are essential to the real work of the business dealing with the people, customers and teams driving the business cross-functionally. They can also be considered developmental candidates for executive senior leadership positions.


RGF HR Agent

Fills a range of managerial, specialist and staff positions at Japanese companies that require Japanese language skills. Draws on a deep understanding of Japanese companies with a vast database of Japanese-speaking personnel to find the best candidates.