Data Transfer Outside of Country

In addition to those described in the “Data Transfer Outside of Country” section of the Privacy Policy, in the event that we transfer your personal data outside of the country/China, we will inform you of the organizational or personal name and contact information of the overseas recipient, the purpose and method of the processing, and the type of personal data involved, as well as the way for the individual to exercise his/her rights provided for by applicable laws and regulations against the overseas recipient, and obtain specific consent from you. Also, we will carry out other procedures as required by applicable laws and regulations, and will take any necessary measure to ensure that the activities of processing of the personal data provided by them carried out by overseas recipients meet the standards of personal data protection provided in applicable laws and regulations when we transfer your personal data outside of the country/China.

Measures to be Adopted When Security Incidents Occurred

In case of any unfortunate incident in respect of/affecting personal data security, we will, in accordance with requirements set out in laws and regulations, inform you promptly of the particulars, including basic information about the security incident and the likely impact, what measures we have taken or will take to respond to this incident, suggestions on what measures you may take to guard against and lower risks, remedial actions we offer to you, etc. We will brief you on the progress of the incident by email, correspondence, or phone or by sending notifications, and we will release announcements for this purpose in a reasonable and effective manner even when it is difficult to notify personal data subjects one by one.

Meanwhile, we will adopt measures to rectify and eliminate any hazard as required, and voluntarily report how the personal data security incident is being handled, or have our activities of processing of personal data audited by a professional institution, as required by the regulator.

We will not Deal with Children’s Personal Data

Our services are designed mainly for adults, not for children. We will not knowingly collect personal data of children as per age defined by laws and regulations.  If we learn that we have collected the personal data of a child, we will take steps to delete such information from our files as soon as possible.

Name and contact information of Recruit group companies that will provide you with the RGF Service in Mainland China

The following Recruit group companies will provide you with the RGF Service at your option, and may process your personal data in Mainland China. If you have any questions, please contact using the following contact information:


RGF Human Resource Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd.

By post:Room 1701AB, 17F, No. 98 Huaihai Road(M) Huangpu District,Shanghai, 200021, China


By phone:021-53318000


RGF Professional Recruitment (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

By post:Room 2306, No. 222, middle Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. 200021,China


By phone:021-8011 1200