RGF Interview Series - NRI 2015.08.05

 ~Interviewing Key Persons of the World - by Recruit Group Local Office~ 

NRI Consulting & Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Consultant
Mr.Yuji Kato
RGF HR Agent Thailand, General Manager
Makoto Yagenji

"Dream up the future" being the corporate philosophy, NRI provides "Navigation × Solution" to companies using their strength, which are consulting and system development. This very first think tank in Japan locates their offices in Asia and US, and started supporting companies expanding business globally. NRI established their new branch in Thailand, one of the key countries among ASEAN, to get ready for Asian market expecting huge growth. We are delighted to have Mr. Kato from NRI to speak to us about the global business and Thailand market.
[Global business of NRI]
Yagenji: Where are NRI branches located in Asia? 
Kato: Currently we have 4 branches, which are Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. 60% of our system development business is for the financial industry, so we already have launched on Philippines, where the head office of Asia Development Bank, and Singapore, which is also a key location for the industry. Thailand is the very first branch for us which do not set the financial industry as a main business among Southeast Asia. This branch covers Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Originally Thailand is geopolitically located in center among these countries and developed as production base. This is so called "Thailand plus one" structure because these bases of manufacturers are derived from Thailand. 
[Their strength]
Yagenji: what is strength of NRI?

Kato: In terms of consulting business which I am in charge of, we have strengths in investigation and research. With our documentary records in Thai language, we are capable to use these original documents for researches, which is difficult for Japanese companies. Other strengths will be that we understand Japanese companies well including their unique problems, such as "lack of talented person who can work globally" and "difficulties in grasping the point of negotiation".

[Working in other countries]
Yagenji: What is the difference between working in Japan and in other countries?
Kato: Firstly, the working position will be higher than it is in Japan. For example, if you were a manager in Japan, you would be a general manager in other countries, which you could take a broad view of things. Secondly, hence the size of organizations are smaller than the head office in Japan, you need to do anything by yourself. This is an advantage that you can be a part of different businesses which you would not even get chances to get involved in Japan. Thirdly, even you are a younger member, there are chances to know experienced business professionals. It may be a unique case in consulting business but it is great to have this environment.
[What do you expect from RGF]
Yagenji: What do you expect from RGF?
Kato: For our consulting position, fluent English is a must. Master degree or above in specific fields is also required since we look into economics, marketing and strategy thoroughly. These two conditions narrow the talent pool a lot and yet we think that RGF has a huge strength in having these high-spec talented candidates. Many of our member in consulting and system division, who introduced from RGF has been working stably at our company.  
Mr. Yuji Kato, Consultant, NRI Consulting & Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Born in Tokyo 1982. Joined NRI group in 2004. Studied at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand from 2007 to 2008 and started to work at NRI Consulting & Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2013. He has been in charge of projects related Thailand since 2006. He makes a specialty of business strategy and supporting M&A in service industry.
Makoto Yagenji, General Manager, RGF HR Agent Thailand
Born 1980. Past experiences includes accounting position in a construction company, sales in a car parts manufacturer and joined RGF in 2014. After working at Shanghai branch, he became the general manager of RGF HR Agent Thailand. He was engaged in starting up this branch, and supporting recruitment business mainly for Japanese companies.
Posted On 2015-08-05