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We are delighted to announce the launch of the job board for Japanese speaking talent

Japanese-Jobs.com is a specialized job board for Japanese speaking talents across 20 countries and markets.  With multi-lingual pages in Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese-Jobs.com provides convenient functions for job seekers and hiring companies that will enable successful recruitment of Japanese speakers.  Some of the readily made functions on the website will be: job search with detailed language level settings, Japanese language skill test functionality, or voice chat between job seekers and companies.

Japanese-Jobs.com is provided Recruit Group which is one of the largest HR solutions and information services group among the world. RGF, the global brand of Recruit Group provides comprehensive HR solutions and talent acquisition services across Asia. In RGF, Kamome operates a jobsite servicing to Japanese nationals seeking to work outside Japan. 

The newly launched Japanese-Jobs.com, which is also operated by Kamome, will provide an integrated and convenient platform to talent who are looking for exciting job opportunities with utilizing the language capabilities.

Look forward to assisting you and do contact us for any further queries.

(Please register the job orders in the pages of your hiring location.)

【Japanese-Jobs.com / Contact Information】

Kamome Editorial Office:            http://kamome.cn/contents/company

Telephone:        +86-21-5331-8170 (Shanghai)  +81-50-5534-6660 (Tokyo)

E-mail:  info@japanese-jobs.com

URL:     https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/en/

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/Japanese-Jobscom-172326629939454/

LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7068061 

日本語を使って働きたい人のための求人情報サイト「Japanese-Jobs.com 」を OPEN

このたび、リクルートグループ・RGF の求人メディアKamomeでは、日本語を使って働きたい人を対象とした求人情報サイト「Japanese-Jobs.com」をリリースしました。




ご登録はこちら https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/ja/sign_up


ご登録はこちら https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/ja/clients/sign_up 




URL:   http://kamome.cn/contents/company

TEL:   (上海) 021-5331-8170/(東京) 050-5534-6660

E-mail:            info@japanese-jobs.com

URL:   https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/

Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/Japanese-Jobscom-172326629939454/ LinkedIn:            https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7068061

Posted On 2017-07-31