RGF Interview Series - NTT Communications India 2015.12.17

RGF Serial Interview Project – NTT Communications
~ Interviewing Key Persons of the World – by Recruit Group Local Office ~

NTT Communications India Private Limited, Managing Director
Mr. Masakazu Kobayashi
RGF Select India Private Limited, General Manager
Yuji Shinya

One of the leading global companies in Japan – NTT Communications have been providing the newest technology, and secure and reliable ICT services. They keep expanding and currently have their bases in 43 countries/markets and 123 cities across the world.
We are delighted to have Mr.Kobayashi from NTT Communications India Private Limited, and interviewed about Indian market and their business strategy.
[ Global Business of NTT Communications ]
Sinya:What is NTT Communications’ strategy and policy about Global business?
Kobayashi:"Global Cloud Vision" being our corporate service vision, we provide IT services such as Telecommunication Network, Data Center, Cloud Services etc. across the world. Our aim is providing common services, spec and qualities in any places. With our over 130 Data Centers in the world, we develop our services for optimizing customers' ICT environment.
Sinya: I hear comments that many people expects Japanese companies to provide high quality services. How about your company and how do you differentiate yourself with the competitors?
Kobayashi: The point is providing competitive prices with quality. For example, our Data Center is planned mainly by HQ in Japan and Indian engineers are also included in this processes. Both Japanese and Indian staffs cooperate with each other, so we are able to provide our services in India with making good use of talented Indian staff, which of great value, and to maintain Japanese high quality at the same time.
[ Business Environment in India ]
Shinya: What is special characteristics of India in terms of doing business?

Kobayashi: This country if full of potentials, especially because many people speak English fluently and has technological strength in IT. I also think India is a "really fair" country. People discuss thoroughly, understand, agree and then proceed with things. It always need to be "black and white", so it smooth the way on one side, but it also has a difficult part on the other side.
Shinya: Are there any drastic changes last three years during your staying India?
Kobayashi: The inauguration of Prime Minister Modi effected a lot in business and general environment for last three years. For us as foreigners, procedures such as Alien Registration, renewing VISA etc. were simplified a lot. In general environment, there are more Japanese restaurants and Hotels now in India, so I feel this environmental changes affect to Japanese business people in good way.
[ Vision for Human Resources ]
Shinya: I heard that more and more Japanese companies intend to transfer the authority to local staffs. How about NTT Communications?
Kobayashi: We are planning the same of course. Ideally, we aim for the ultimate condition that local staffs fully manage the organization with only the origins being the Japan based company.
Shinya: Could you tell us the important points in the process?
Kobayashi: I think mutual understanding is the key. Not only verbal directions, but writing down and having thorough discussions are necessary. Still, business environment in India has a huge difference between Japan. It is also important to have a person who can be a "bridge" over these cultural differences.
Shinya: What kind of talent does your company need now?
Kobayashi: We are at a big turning point now. Mainly, we were doing system constructions as a telecommunications company before, but our current business model is more focusing on Data Center and Cloud Services. With these changes, we would like to hire Indian staffs who has experiences in not only telecommunications, but consulting or other industry. In terms of Japanese staffs, people who have challenging spirit are always good candidates for us. Even if they do not have enough language skills, we would like to have positive person who is interested in different cultures and languages.
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NTT Communications India Private Limited, Managing Director, Mr. Masakazu Kobayashi
Joined NTT 1990. Past experiences includes Corporate Sales Division, International Business Division etc., he engaged in telecommunication system sales for foreign-affiliated companies. Since 1995, he had worked at Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand which are countries in APAC and currently has worked in India since August 2012.
RGF Select India Private Limited, General Manager, Mr. Yuji Shinya
Born in 1980. After working as Financial sales, joined Recruit Career Co., Ltd. in 2007. He has had experiences in mid-career recruitment mainly in manufacturing industry for around 7 years, then he became General Manager of RGF Select India in April 2014. Supporting recruitment of both Indian and Japanese people in Japanese companies.
Posted On 2015-12-17