RGF Interview Series – Hitachi 2015.07.30

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Hitachi Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City Line 1 Project Office, Contract Control Manager,
Mr. Akihiro Taruya 
RGF HR Agent Vietnam Co., Ltd., Branch Manager,
Takahide Tsuji 

Over 100 years since its foundation, Hitachi has been a global social innovation company through its infrastructure business. Being awarded as the overall infrastructure provider on the project of “Ho Chi Minh City Line 1” which will be the first metro network in Ho Chi Minh City, this news won front page headlines in various media.
This Line 1 will be the first of the planned 11 metro-railroad network and is seen to become the fuse of the booming Vietnam economy.
We are honored to have an interview with Mr. Akihiro Taruya, the Contract Control Manager of this project.
[1. Ho Chi Minh City Line 1 Project]
●First ever metro network in Vietnam and Hitachi to work on overall infrastructure such as trains
Tsuji (Hereinafter TT :) Could you tell us about the outline of this Ho Chi Minh City Line 1 project?
Taruya (Hereinafter AT :) Ho Chi Min City Line 1 will be the very first metro network project in Vietnam.
For Hitachi, this was the first time to win project including all aspects of the infrastructure covering electrical and mechanical works as well as the train of the metro network at once, which came to be a challenge. Starting from compiling the bidding documents to the actual project kickoff, managing process through different interfaces of the sub-systems, we are facing different level of challenge that Hitachi has not gone through in the past.
At the same time, Hitachi’s presence in Vietnam was limited to household electronics till being awarded this project. Working with the government related sector proves to be a challenge on decision making speed with various stakeholders.
●Line 1 will not make a drastic change to the transport, but will become the "trigger" for change
TT: What will happen when this metro starts servicing?
AT: We do expect that the number of motorbikes and cars will decrease in Ho Chi Minh City by this Line 1. However, just with one metro line, expecting some drastic change might be too much. Overall project includes 11 lines and without the Line 1, there won't be Line 2. So in that context, this is a necessary process and will become the trigger for change.
[2. About Vietnam]
●Vietnamese are diligent, hard-working people. I somehow thought they won't be, before coming. But I was wrong.
AT: Vietnamese are sincere people. I somehow had the impression that people will be relaxed on a chair drinking coffee day-by-day and the ladies are hard-working, supporting the men napping. (laugh) But Vietnamese working on our project are sincere, diligent hard-workers.
[3. About RGF]
●RGF can do solid screening. Candidates screened can come to our first interview straight off.
TT: Could you comment on the hiring done through RGF?
AT: We have 26 locally hired employees and amongst them 20 are from RGF. RGF contributed to our hiring a lot.
RGF has provided solid initial screening. CVs sent from RGF matches our hiring needs at a level where the resume received from RGF can come to our first interview straight after the screening. In fact, those who passes the first interview and meets us for the second time, mostly comes from RGF. We appreciate the level of screening provided as well as the RGF consultants understanding our needs deeply.
TT: It is true that when you give us the mandates, our consultants delightfully get on with it quickly.

Thank you for your time today.

Akihiro Taruya, Hitachi Ltd.
Born 1968, graduated Osaka City University and joined Hitachi Ltd.
Since August 2013, has been located in Ho Chi Min City to manage the Ho Chi Minh City Line 1 project. Since joining Hitachi, has been managing global sales and enjoyed professional career as global sales person. Ho Chi Minh City Line 1 is a new challenge for Mr. Taruya as this is not a sales position and handles contract management, general affairs, HR, and accounting and with support from Japan.
Takahide Tsuji, Branch Manager, RGF HR Agent Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Born 1984, joined RGF HR Agent China in 2011. After working in Shanghai and Shenzhen, became the Branch Manager of RGF HR Agent Vietnam. Working hard on expansions of Vietnam business within Recruit Group, mostly in Ho Chi Minh where the expansion of Japanese companies are aggressively happening, handling recruitment business in wide variety of clients including manufacturing, IT-BPO, or service related companies.
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Posted On 2015-07-30