RGF HR Agent Hong Kong organized Career Development Seminar in Hong Kong Baptist University. This seminar was provided to the students learning Japanese language in this University. Aiming to provide knowledge on the Japan originated companies, business manners to work in Japanese companies, skill-sets necessary as well as the interview tips.

Total of 163 students participated and students proactively asked about the company climate.

RGF having uniqueness in handling local talents as well as human capital with Japanese language skills will continuously aim to provide information to support university graduates to find employment paths in Japanese companies.

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*Founded in 1956, is a publicly funded tertiary institution with a Christian education heritage.

※Takayama and Helen, delegates from RGF HR Agent Hong Kong ※Total of 163 students participated!
※Students proactively asking questions. ※One of the students participated and Takayama from RGF
Posted On 2015-01-03