After successfully organizing the program in Vietnam, Thailand and China, Recruit WORKFIT Program came to Jakarta State University.  Recruit WORKFIT Program is a workshop style program to facilitate the students to gain basic job search skills.  This is the first time we have such kind of event in Indonesia. The professor and students were all welcomed our team members to hold WORKFIT in their university.

Takahira, the Managing Director of Japan Selection Planning group of International Recruitment Business, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. hosted one of the lectures with over 30 students in Grade four. Sakakihara, Global marketing manager of Japan Selection Planning Group and Morishima, RGF HR Agent Indonesia each held a lecture with more than 20 students. The students were equipped with relative knowledge towards job hunting and how to do interviews. Aiming to boost the confidence of students themselves, WORKFIT program gives emphasis and practice on exercise. The discussion within a group of three and role play feedback time helped the students to find out their strength and weakness. During their future interviews, they can try to avoid or even overcome the weak points and find the connections between their strength and company’s needs.

Posted On 2017-03-22