HONG KONG Nov. 18, 2016  /PRNewswire/ -- On November 14, 2016, over  150 senior  executives from diverse industries gathered at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in celebration of Bo Le Associates' ( Bo Le ) 20th  an niversary.  As  the largest executive search firm in  Asia Bo Le  has expanded its footprint across the region from initially only  three  offices  to  a total of 13 local offices to date consisting over 330 experienced and professionally-trained consultants.

During the event, Mr.  Pierre Zhuang , CEO of Bo Le Associates, led a panel discussion revolving the topic "War for Talent -- Shifting Dynamics" with  six   distinguished  speakers;  Arnaud Ventura , founder and CEO of Microcred;  James Savage , Chairman of the Venture Committee of HKVCA;  John Lien , CEO,  Greater China , DLJ Capital Partners;  Maggie Chan , VP Customer Development Strategy, Unilever China;  Tim Wang , Managing Director, Head of Real Estate China, The Blackstone Group and  Tony Low , Senior VP & GM,  Asia Pacific , Lifestyle Benefits, Collison Group.

In his opening speech, Pierre expressed his appreciation for the support the company has received from its clients throughout the journey. "We utilize our extensive know-how, our local market knowledge and our client relationships together, and strive to become the global leader," said Pierre.

Throughout his 20 years in the executive search business, Pierre has seen the dynamic of the 'war for talent' shiftfrom an employer market to a candidate market due to the boom of the Chinese and other Asian markets that seek higher demands for good quality leaders.

He has also witnessed the dynamic shift among candidates' preference from MNCs towards local clients with the emergence of Chinese entrepreneurs who act more aggressively not only in terms of products and service, but also the acquisition of local talents, emphasizing, "Today, big local companiesespecially innovative internet companies, are rated as the most attractive employers in the market, leading senior executives to move out of MNCs."

Another apparent shift is on technology and innovation, or what is known as the "Disruptors" as they have caused huge change on traditional industries.

"The ability to redefine traditional business models with the use of technology has seen the demise of many traditional roles," said Pierre highlighting the advantages candidates with digital skills possess in the modern era.

"Bo Le is dedicated to passing on our core values, knowledge and expertise to the new generation. Emerging technologies and digital platforms have allowed us to develop a strong database, with built-in capabilities to more efficiently identify and match candidates in order to fit the needs of our clients," Pierre said.

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Posted On 2016-11-18